50 Commits (v1.2.0)

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  Efertone 405357b1e1 Merge pull request 'Mastodon client' (#24) from mastodon into development 10 months ago
  Efertone 9797970436
Mastodon client 10 months ago
  Efertone fc8d8c25f0 Merge pull request 'Add Gitea release support.' (#23) from 5-gitea-support into development 10 months ago
  Efertone d51d56af58
Add Gitea release support. 10 months ago
  Efertone 5189987eea Merge pull request 'Parse image if exists' (#22) from 1-parse-image into development 10 months ago
  Efertone d827775fc3
Parse image if exists 10 months ago
  Efertone 89a81125c9 Merge pull request 'Add HashTag support for Feeds' (#21) from hashtags into development 10 months ago
  Efertone e77bb3ceb4
Add HashTag support for Feeds 10 months ago
  Efertone 5c6bd4a547
new-line on Match for preview 11 months ago
  Efertone 7b31a3c74f
mod tidy 11 months ago
  Efertone 180350bc6b
use fmt.FprintXXX to ensure commands are testable properly 11 months ago
  Efertone c56e9435e2
Add test for Provider 11 months ago
  Efertone 698e05b6d8
Add test for Publisher 11 months ago
  Efertone 85711eceae
Update README 11 months ago
  Efertone 989f0a1ad2 Merge pull request 'Add pseudo xml' (#18) from pseudo-xml-provider into development 11 months ago
  Efertone d64eb5ca6e
Add pseudo xml 11 months ago
  Efertone 2e8ac72d72 Merge pull request 'Separate Feed parsing into multiple Providers.' (#16) from feed-as-provider into development 11 months ago
  Efertone d7afa7637f
increase timeout on lint and enable verbose output 11 months ago
  Efertone 3f7bb537aa
everything should be in place now 11 months ago
  Efertone 0f48bd7911
Separate Feed parsing into multiple Providers. 11 months ago
  Efertone 38889d72f9
extra comment 11 months ago
  Efertone 2bdfe5b8f5 Merge pull request 'Add Misskey tests' (#14) from add-misskey-tests into master 11 months ago
  Efertone 5718f3eab6
Add Misskey tests 11 months ago
  Efertone 37dd9bccdb
update README 11 months ago
  Efertone ef7265bba8 Merge pull request 'Misskey as Provider' (#13) from misskey-as-provider into master 11 months ago
  Efertone 6058ce3c66
Misskey is now a Publisher 11 months ago
  Efertone 1d188c2691
rename send command to publish 11 months ago
  Efertone cef142e2b2
use the new drone format 11 months ago
  Efertone fbb9fe959b
publisher 11 months ago
  Efertone 9bf3e77416
Misskey as Provider 11 months ago
  Efertone d1561d7789
Add testing and use the "_test" package idiom 12 months ago
  Efertone 8da191c79e
Add test for RemoveTracker 12 months ago
  Efertone f07b835a3d
meh 12 months ago
  Efertone 4e4c6d20b1
fix Windows problems in Makefile 12 months ago
  Efertone 17808114a5
refactor based on golangci-lint 1 year ago
  Efertone 4c312c8c30 Merge pull request 'Add Drone build' (#6) from linter into master 1 year ago
  Efertone 9a21a2e99e
get golint 1 year ago
  Efertone 0e2c5df805
add Drone file 1 year ago
  Efertone f7dfcd48e0
Fix all linter erros 1 year ago
  Efertone 8ef0d80e33
oops 1 year ago
  Efertone 9a581ed3dc Merge branch 'rss-support' of efertone/kiki into master 1 year ago
  Efertone 6a47857e4e
Remove utm_* trackers 1 year ago
  Efertone d64aced783
Add RSS (and RDF) support [fixes #2] 1 year ago
  Efertone 10d021551c
fix error messages in misskey client 1 year ago
  Efertone 53a5083fe2
Fix version number display 1 year ago
  Efertone 8321293b5f
Add version handling 1 year ago
  Efertone 882f05360b
preview command + better excerpt 1 year ago
  Efertone b95c7f008d
Add readme 1 year ago
  Efertone 1a2b08573d
It's working ;) 1 year ago
  Efertone e9a6bb368c
Initial commit 1 year ago