A minimal web player written in Elm, just for fun. The goals was a minimal web-app that can be hosted on my Minio (s3) next to the video content.
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REMOTE := "efertone"
BUCKET := "share-efertone"
BASE_PATH := "final-space"
.PHONY: dev-build
elm make src/Main.elm --output=public/application.js --debug
.PHONY: prod-build
elm make src/Main.elm --output=public/application.js
.PHONY: upload
upload: prod-build
mc cp public/index.html $(REMOTE)/$(BUCKET)/$(BASE_PATH)/index.html
mc cp public/application.js $(REMOTE)/$(BUCKET)/$(BASE_PATH)/application.js
mc cp public/application.css $(REMOTE)/$(BUCKET)/$(BASE_PATH)/application.css
.PHONY: gen-videos-json
@echo '[$(shell mc ls $(REMOTE)/$(BUCKET)/$(BASE_PATH)/videos/ --json | \
jq -r '.key' | \
sed -Ee 's/\.mkv$$|\.mp4$$//g' | \
sort -u | \
sed -Ee 's/^(.*)$$/{"Title":"\1","Path":"videos\/\1"}/g' | \
paste -sd "," -)]' > public/videos.json
.PHONY: update-videos
update-videos: gen-videos-json
mc cp public/videos.json $(REMOTE)/$(BUCKET)/$(BASE_PATH)/videos.json
python3 -m http.server --directory public