A minimal web player written in Elm, just for fun. The goals was a minimal web-app that can be hosted on my Minio (s3) next to the video content.
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Minimal WebPlayer

This is a very simple video player. My only goal with this project was, to be able to be hosted on S3 (or compatible service), especially on my Minio instance.


  1. Build the application: make build-prod

  2. Update index.html args to match the available file extensions.

  3. Upload the public folder content:

    • index.html
    • application.css
    • application.js
  4. Create and upload a videos.json (next to index.html).

      {"Title": "This is the title", "Path": "path/to/the/file/without/extension"}
    , {"Title": "Another title", "Path": "another/file"}
    , {"Title": "Awesomeness", "Path": "path/to/awesome"}