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module {{ .PackageRoot }}
go {{ .GoVersion }}
#file:cmd/{{ .AppName }}/main.go
package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
fmt.Println("{{ .AppName }}")
Private application and library code. This is the code you don't want others
importing in their applications or libraries.
Public libraries that's ok to use by external applications.
Examples for your applications and/or public libraries.
System init (systemd, upstart, sysv) and process manager/supervisor (runit,
supervisord) configs.
Design and user documents (in addition to your godoc generated documentation).
Configuration file templates or default configs.
Put your confd or consul-template template files here.
IaaS, PaaS, system and container orchestration deployment configurations and
templates (docker-compose, kubernetes/helm, mesos, terraform, bosh).
Other assets to go along with your repository (images, logos, etc).
OpenAPI/Swagger specs, JSON schema files, protocol definition files.
Scripts to perform various build, install, analysis, etc operations.
These scripts keep the root level Makefile small and simple.
# Mac OS X files
# Binaries for programs and plugins
# Test binary, build with `go test -c`
# Output of the go coverage tool, specifically when used with LiteIDE
# {{ .AppName }}